Dr. James B Luckie of 29 Palms, California

Mural #3 - Dr. James B. Luckie, Father of Twentynine Palms

Artist: Don Gray of Flagstaff, Arizona.
Dedicated: May 6, 1995
Size: 17’ x 50’
Location: 6175 Adobe Road (29 Palms Eye Care Clinic)

Credited with populating this community during the years after World War I, Pasadena doctor James B. Luckie sent veterans here to homestead and to heal their asthma, tuberculosis, and mustard-gas poisoned lungs in the desert’s clean dry air and warm climate. Dr. Luckie became one of the city’s most revered benefactors and founding fathers. This tribute features Dr. Luckie flanked by vignettes of WWI soldiers on the battlefield and the physician treating a patient.

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