Flash Flood mural in 29 Palms, California

Mural #13 - Flash Flood

Artist: Art Mortimer of Los Angeles, CA (now Twentynine Palms)
Dedicated: June 13, 1998
Size: 18’ x 40’
Location: 6248 Adobe Road

Before construction of the flood control channel in 1969 by the County of San Bernardino with the assistance of local engineer Bill Hatch, raging flash floods used to flow down from 49 Palms Canyon in what is now Joshua Tree National Park. The water would wash out the main road (now 29 Palms Highway), rushing east around Donnell Hill and into the center of town. While business owners lamented this deluge ruining their stores, local children joyously rode the waves in their inner-tubes and handmade boats. This mural portrays the famous flash floods of the 1940s.

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