William and Elizabeth Campbell mural in 29 Palms, California

Mural #8 - William and Elizabeth Campbell

Artist: Richard Wyatt of Los Angeles, CA
Dedicated: November 23, 1996
Size: 14’ x 80’
Location: 74017 29 Palms Hwy. (29 Palms Realty)

The Campbells came to the desert in 1924 for WWI veteran Bill’s health, pitching a tent at the Oasis of Mara before homesteading 160 acres. Bill and his wife, Elizabeth Crozier Campbell, built an exquisite home of native stone at Campbell Ranch (now Campbell House historic inn). Aligned with the Southwest Museum of Los Angeles, the couple logged thousands of archaeological finds including the 7500-year-old Pinto Basin site in what is now Joshua Tree National Park. They also donated land for the first schoolhouse and Luckie Park.

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